SOS Children’s Village signs protocol with university

Cyprus International University (CIU) and SOS Children’s Village signed a protocol for long-term and sustainable collaboration between the two organisations. Based on the needs and resources of the two partners, the protocol aims to benefit the children getting family –based care under SOS Children’s Village, as well as support the two organisation’s ability to reach those in society who are in need.

The protocol was signed, on Thursday, 26 March, at SOS Children’s Village in Lefkoşa, by SOS Children’s Village Chairman Dr. Hacer Çerkez and CIU Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim. SOS Children’s Village Manager Ahmet Akarsu, SOS Committee Members Hüsniye Özer and Hasan Arman, and Head of the CIU Education Faculty Prof. Dr. Servet Özdemir were also present at the protocol signing ceremony.

Under the agreement:

* children and young people receiving care and education under SOS Children’s Village’s programmes are to benefit from academic support and social activities to support their reintegration into society;

* caregivers and personnel will receive support to strengthen their capacities;

* SOS Children’s Village will offer CIU students and academic personnel professional development in their fields, (e.g. internships and project work);

* SOS Children’s Village’s different programmes and CIU’s different departments will collaborate in the framework of the two organisations’ aims and principles.

In his speech, CIU Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. Hikmet Seçim said:

“We are here today to establish collaboration, to provide every kind of support in the framework of social responsibility projects of students and academics. Our aim is to provide SOS Children’s Village with academic and physical support…this way we have taken one more step in working with civil society organisations.”

Thanking CIU for their crucial support, SOS Children’s Village Manager Ahmet Akarsu, added the partnership “sets an example for other organisations and universities”.

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