SOS success – Deniz’s Story

Deniz* was three-years-old when he lost the care of his biological family.

In need of love, care and lots of attention at such a crucial age, he was handed to his SOS Mother in 1997 at SOS Children’s Village in Nicosia.

As the years went by, the opportunities given to him by SOS shaped his growth and development in a positive way.

A bright school pupil, Deniz made his SOS Mother proud when he passed entrance exams to enter a top English speaking state high school. In 2015, he finished the school with a very high grade.

Due to regulations restricting non-citizens in the northern part of Cyprus, he could not enter local university entrance exams. He had to take university exams organised by the Turkish Education Authority – exams which are taken by a high amount of young people, who have a low chance of passing.

All his efforts were worth it as he passed the exams and got a 50% scholarship to study Molecular Biology and Genetics at a top Nicosia university.

He continues to work hard to achieve his dreams, not letting anything get in his way.

Thanks to the crucial support of donors to SOS Children’s Village, our programs can continue to give loving family care to children like Deniz.

Help us provide loving family homes for children like Deniz by making a donation.

*The name of the child has been changed to protect his identity.

Published in SOS Children’s Village first quarterly newsletter

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