South agrees to rotating presidency, journalist claims

The Greek Cypriot side has accepted the idea of a rotating presidency, but are keeping quiet about it. Journalist Ulas Baris, writing in ‘Kibris Postasi’ claims that the Greek Cypriots do not want to risk a backlash, so have kept the decision under their hats.

Reporting that officials had indicated that there had been great progress in the negotiations on Governance and Power Sharing and that the chapter was practically completed, Baris wrote that he believed that this chapter was the most crucial point of the Cyprus process. “It was the spirit of the agreement and one in which Turkish Cypriot equality was based on. A bi-communal federation model whereby Greek Cypriots governed for four years and Turkish Cypriots for two years was very egalitarian”, he wrote.

Touching on the property issue, Baris pointed to the bi-communal Property Commission to be formed after the solution which would comprise equal numbers of representatives from both communities. He said in previous articles he had written regarding property, that the Turkish Cypriots’ equality in this Commission was a gain.

On the economy he wrote that some may think that this would be an easy chapter to solve with the gas fields and water from Turkey but that would be a mistake.

Finally, he says that the thing to accept is that in order to get something, you need to give something. There are six chapters in the negotiations and each of those chapters have a give and take process and cross discussions. One needs to see the bigger picture and of course the priceless opportunities these represent, he concludes.

Kibris Postasi

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