South and Israel to continue ambitious energy project

South Cyprus and Israel have agreed to continue plans to supply electric power to Europe via undersea cable connected to the Aphrodite gas field.

The project which is at the heart of an EU energy study envisages a cable starting at a point between Israel and Cyprus, stretching across the south-eastern Mediterranean across to Italy.

South Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and his delegation arrived back on the island on Tuesday morning following a high-level meeting in Israel on Monday.

President Anastasiades has met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as with officials representing energy firms Delek and Anver. Both heads of state agreed that the energy project need speeding up and both leaders ordered their respective energy ministers to prioritise any outstanding issues concerning the Aphrodite gas field.

Energy expert Solon Kasinis has said that the project would open up new horizons for Cyprus in energy terms.

“Europe is currently doing a feasibility study in which they are looking to understand how much it will cost and how viable it would be to bring in electricity straight from Cyprus,” he said.

“It is a huge project and will involve a cable that would essentially link Israel, Cyprus, Crete, Italy and from there disbursed to other European nations. This is important for two reasons – firstly, we will have an all-important electricity link with Europe and, secondly, we will open up new horizons in terms of energy for Cyprus.”

Referring to the process of extracting the gas and then converting it into electricity, he said, “The plan right now is to use the natural gas – that we will obtain ourselves or from Israel – to generate electricity and then export it as electric power via a cable straight to Greece.”

“The gas would be processed at a platform either in Cyprus or in Israel before being fed via an interconnector link to Greece, or more specifically Crete.”


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