South condemns Turkey for using Cypriot airspace

Turkey has, once again, been accused of violating Cyprus airspace and continuing to use “unauthorised” Ercan airport in the north.

Violations of rules set by FIR Nicosia as well as violations over the national air space of the Republic of Cyprus are still going on undiminished,” said Nicos Emiliou, permanent representative to the UN, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

He wrote that Turkey constantly ignored international law, international rules and regulations by jeopardising international civil aviation.

Turkey has been flying civilian and military aircraft over the island under a bi-lateral agreement with  the internationally unrecognised TRNC.

The UN has officially published Emiliou’s letter and condemned the use of Ercan airport by Turkey.

The south says that Ercan is unapproved as a landing strip and is not a legal port of entry. Complaints of this nature to the UN, have been ongoing for years.

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