South Cyprus: banks lower ATM withdrawal limit

According to Reuters, the withdrawal limit at ATMs at Cyprus Popular Bank (Laiki), the island’s second largest bank, has been lowered to 100 euros per day.

Popular Bank Spokesman Costas Archimandrites confirmed that the bank has set the new limit, previously standing at 260 euros per day.

The Bank of Cyprus, the island’s largest bank, has set a limit of 120 euros per day.

Meanwhile, this morning, Greek Cypriot Archbishop Chrysostomos called for members of the previous government; including former president Christofias to stand trial for creating the economic mess in which South Cyprus now finds itself. “They should all be punished”, he said.

He added that officials in South Cyprus who had created the bailout proposals had gone to Brussels “unprepared” and had betrayed President Anastasiades.

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