South Cyprus refuses to extradite criminal suspects to the TRNC

Co-chair of the Bio-communal Technical Committee on Crime and Criminal Matters, Hakki Onen has reacted to the “lack of sensitivity” by the Greek Cypriot administration on the issue of extradition of criminals.

Onen ‘Kibris Postasi’ that the Greek Cypriots consider that “if they cooperate with the extradition of criminals [to the north], this would mean that they recognise the TRNC or that the TRNC’s status will be upgraded”. He further added that as a lawyer, he does not want to see criminals evading prosecution and argued that the Greek Cypriot side does not have the same attitude.

Recalling that the Turkish Cypriots have asked for 19 offenders who have fled to the south, to be handed over, since the majority of them are facing drugs-related charges, Onen said that south Cyprus refuses to extradite them, claiming that they have not committed any crime.

Referring to the case of the 33-years old person with the initiatives B.P. who is facing charges for sexual assault against a child, Onen explained that this person escaped to Germany from the south and added that the Greek Cypriot police had not provided any help to the authorities in the north to assist with his arrest.

Also, referring to the two suspects that killed British tourist George Henry Low in Ayia Napa last summer, Onen explained that one of them has not being deported from the TRNC, as was claimed in the press, while the second suspect is serving a prison sentence.

Kibris Postasi

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