South Cyprus waiting to ambush Turkey following PACE decision

While waiting for the vote by PACE on Tuesday, whether or not to re-subject Turkey to supervision, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’ noted that [South] Cyprus holds PACE’s presidency until the end of May and that Turkey is a founding member of the organisation.

The paper wrote that if the decision that Turkey should be put under supervision is taken, Turkey will be expected to verbally implement all court decisions in lawsuits filed against it, including those filed from [South] Cyprus, in order to return to the “normal member” status again.

Diplomatic sources expressed the view that the EU will exhibit a “conciliatory stance” instead of “burning the bridges”. Talking to the paper, the diplomatic source argued:

“If the decision for supervision is taken, pressure over Turkey will increase. Especially countries which wait in ambush like Cyprus will take advantage of it. There will be groups, which will use this within the EU and try to undertake initiatives against Turkey to ‘stop the negotiations’, but I do not think that it is possible for taking a step that will freeze the Turkey-EU relations. In every manner the ways of continuing the partnership with Turkey will be forced”.

The paper recalls that in 2014, a compensation of 90 million euro on the missing persons issue had been levied and notes that there are more decisions like this in favour of the Republic of Cyprus, which have not been paid, have not been implemented by Turkey and therefore will bring punitive consequences.

Some sources said that if supervision is decided President Erdogan might use this situation to instigate people against the EU in case of a possible referendum on Turkey’s EU accession course. “I do not think that he cares very much about such a decision and Turkey remaining in a difficult situation in diplomatic sense”, the source argued.

Kibris Postasi

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