South dragging its heels over mobile phone links

The Turkish Cypriots have taken all the necessary steps required to enable the use of mobile phones across the island, President Akinci’s spokesman Baris Burcu has said.

He added that they expect President Anastasiades to show the “same determined stance” as President Akinci.

Burcu said that the Turkish Cypriot side is working with “great attention and meticulousness” to fully implement its responsibilities in the framework of Confidence Building Measures (CBM) and added that “unfortunately, on this specific issue, the efforts exerted by Mr Anastasiades have yielded no results”.

Burcu is quoted by Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Halkin Sesi’ to have said:

The leaders have taken many decisions on the CBM issue and made a joint statement. It is natural that some practical difficulties may exist for materialising these things in the current environment. The important thing is for the sides to work with strong determination in order for these difficulties to be overcome.

President Akinci has worked with great devotion and meticulousness for the Turkish Cypriot side to fully implement its responsibilities for the decisions within the framework of the CBM. The Turkish Cypriot side has taken all steps regarding the mobile phones issue.

We hope that Mr Anastasiades will work with the same determination and will as Mr Akinci, for overcoming this problem deriving from the Greek Cypriot side. Unfortunately, the efforts exerted until now by Mr Anastasiades on this issue have not given the required results. It means that somewhere no sufficient effort was exerted.

The paper argues that Akinci is “very annoyed”  because he cannot see the Greek Cypriot side taking similar “courageous steps” as those taken by the Turkish Cypriots.

Halkin Sesi

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