South educating its youth to be predjudiced against Turkish Cypriots

President Mustafa Political Affairs advisor, Meltem Onurkan Samani has warned that a failure at the Cyprus Conference in Geneva will only serve to weaken the people’s belief in a federal settlement in Cyprus, which has been fading ever since the referendum on the 2004 Annan Plan.

Speaking on a commercial TV channel programme, Samani said that the Turkish Cypriot side’s goal was to achieve a successful outcome in Geneva. Exercising political will with an understanding of peace culture in order to reach that goal was essential, she said.

The education system in South Cyprus is aimed towards increasing mistrust between the two communities, demonising Turkish Cypriots and the Turkish military,” she said, adding that younger generations were not being prepared for a federal future.

All the parties concerned are negotiating for a federal settlement but what is necessary is not being done in the education system, because the Greek Cypriot side does not desire a federal settlement enough,” she said.

Samani also pointed out that the confidence building measures were not being implemented because of the Greek Cypriot side’s obsession with the recognition of the TRNC.

Unfortunately the confidence building measures have been left for after a solution. The negotiations have reached a stage where the federal model of a settlement is being tested. That is why the perception that Geneva might be the last stop has emerged,” she said, adding that only time will tell whether other alternatives will be brought onto the agenda if the current talks fail.

She also pointed out that it was possible to create a formula which addresses the security needs of all the sides concerned.


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