South accused of breaking common agreement on hellim registration

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry (KTSO) has said that they support the Turkish leadership’s persistent efforts to implement the common understanding achieved in July 2015 between President Anastasiades, President Akinci and the President of the EU Commission Junker on the registration of halloumi-hellim as a Cypriot product of origin (PDO).

In a written statement issued regarding recent developments, the chamber called on the Greek Cypriot side to remain faithful to the common understanding. The chamber accused the South Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture of acting outside the framework of this understanding and of undertaking initiatives which will negatively impact the Turkish Cypriots.

“While noting that we consider as proper the initiatives recently undertaken by President Akinci on this issue, we support the continuous efforts of the Turkish Cypriot leadership on the issue of the registration of hellim and that they should continue and increase”, argues the statement, which described as “evident violation of the agreement”, certain proposals for changes to the above-mentioned common understanding made by the South’s Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the statement, this situation damages the trust between the two communities and the Cyprus negotiations.

Kibris Gazetesi

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