South investigates refugees for links to terrorism

The South Cyprus authorities have been investigating 55 refugees who arrived at the Sovereign Base Area (SBA) in October, for possible links to terrorist organisations.

The remaining 59 people who had arrived on the same fishing boats have been cleared and were moved from the SBA to ‘Pournara’ camp in Kokkinotrimithia near Nicosia. Most of the camp inmates have applied to the South Cyprus authorities for asylum.

Greek Cypriot daily ‘Phileleftheros’ reported on Tuesday that the British authorities on the Bases had sent a list of refugees names to M15 and Interpol, shortly after they arrived. Those suspected of having links to terrorism or other illegal activities had their luggage searched and were questioned several times.

The report goes on to say that the 55 have not been able to convince the British authorities that they are genuinely asylum seekers or that they arrived in Cyprus by accident. Following the attacks in Paris on 13th November, the same people underwent another round of questioning.

Last week, the South Cyprus government had agreed to a British proposal to accept most of the 115 refugees who came ashore at British Sovereign Base at Akrotiri on 21st October.


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