South and Israel hold joint military exercise

Minister of Defence, Photis Photiou has said that South Cyprus and Israel relations are entering a new phase following a joint exercise conducted by yesterday by South Cyprus and Israeli Armed Forces, code-named ‘ONISILOS-Gideon’.

In statements to the press after the exercise, Photiou said:

“This planned activity was conducted in the framework of the annual cooperation program between the two countries. It took place within Nicosia FIR and the areas of Vassilikos and Pafos airport, and it was very successful”.

Photiou emphasised that the exercise had been planned several months ago and thanked his counterpart, the Israeli Minister of Defence for his excellent cooperation.

“The relations between Cyprus and Israel are entering a new phase. I am confident that the strategic dialogue that commenced several months ago will yield benefits for both countries and will continue in all sectors, including that of energy security”, he concluded.

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