South now dragging its heels over opening border crossings

The tender which was scheduled to open on 3rd June to construct the roads for the Derynia and Aplic crossing points in Famagusta and Lefke respectively, have come came to a halt, Kibris Gazetesi reports.

This is because the Greek Cypriot side has failed to keep its “expropriate commitments” for a total of 38 plots of land, the newspaper writes.

North Cyprus News - Open Derynia crossingMeanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika reported that the Turkish Cypriot teachers’ trade union (KTOS), the “Famagusta Initiative” and the New Cyprus Party (YKP) organised a demonstration on Saturday at the entrance of the the old city of Famagusta, demanding from the politicians to keep their promises and contribute to the opening of the Derynia crossing point.

In statements during the event, Sener Elcil on behalf of KTOS, stated, inter alia, that the opening of Derynia crossing point will contribute not only to the economy of the area but also will constitute the beginning of the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Famagusta shopkeeper Yilmaz Parlan, one of the organisers of the protest, noted that the Cyprus problem has existed for 43 years and that they have been exerting efforts during the past 13 years to open the Derynia crossing point.

Stating that the EU has sent 2.1 million euro for the opening of this crossing point, Parlan said that “not even a nail has been driven into the place” and argued that the money had been spent and that they are asking the EU to send another 2.5 million euro for this purpose.

In addition, Murat Kanatli, general secretary of YKP, said inter alia, that his party had fought to have Derynia crossing opened for years and noted that it would continue to do so.

Supporting that they consider that it is possible for Famagusta area to be demilitarised, Kanatli called for an end to the problems surrounding the opening of Derynia crossing point as soon as possible.

Kibris Gazetesi, Afrika

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