South petitions EU Commission about Turkey’s obligations

South Cyprus Government Spokesman Nikos Christdoulides stressed οn Wednesday that South Cyprus is looking to the EU to send a strong message via the EU Commission’s progress report on Turkey regarding non-compliance in its obligations towards the “Republic of Cyprus”, ‘Famagusta Gazette’ reports.

The report, which is still at draft stage, is due to be published on 8th October, Christodoulides said, adding that the South Cyprus government has been keeping the EU Commission posted on at Turkish activities and statements which do not fall in line with Turkey’s obligations and a candidate for EU entry.

“Turkey has a series of obligations to fulfil but unfortunately, especially as regards its obligations for Cyprus, there has been no progress. In this regard we expect that a strict message will be sent (from the Commission)”, Christodoulides said.

He added that the South’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cyprus’ Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels continue to make representations as regards the content of the report.

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