South Refuses Entry to Israeli Tourists Bound For TRNC

A group of 29 Israeli tourists arrived at Larnaca Airport on Monday evening to attend a poker tournament to be held in the TRNC, but after they declared they would stay at a hotel in the TRNC, they were told they could not enter the country and returned to their country.

In September, a group of 35 Israeli tourist were refused entry into Cyprus when migration officials heard that they would be visiting the TRNC. The tourists contacted the Israeli Embassy in Nicosia, following diplomatic moves, the tourists were permitted entry at Larnaca. The remaining foreigners from Lebanon and Serbia were not so lucky and had to return home. However, after the debacle, the migration rule was suspended for 15 days.

The ruling for not allowing visitors to enter the country with tourists declaring their stay in the TRNC has, since then, been reinstated and the 29 Israeli tourists returned home yesterday morning, before entering the island.

Kibris Postasi, LGC News

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