South repeat request for murder suspect arrested in TRNC

The South Cyprus police have again requested that the authorities in the TRNC hand over one of the prime suspects for the murder of George Law, 22, the British tourist who was stabbed in August 2016 in Ayia Napa.

Mehmet Akpinar (pictured on right) and Sali Musa Ahmet (on left) both suspects in the murder case crossed to the north after the incident. They were arrested a few days later and appeared at a Turkish military court on charges of illegally trespassing in a military zone. There were no murder charges however. Akpinar reportedly is a Turkish citizen, while both his parents hold TRNC citizenship.

Arrest warrants issued by South Cyprus police for the two men are still outstanding, with authorities in the north refusing to hand over the two fugitives despite reports that they had both admitted their involvement in the killing. The two suspects were reportedly allowed to leave the north after their release without being charged.

Akpinar was reportedly arrested recently in the north, again for illegally trespassing into a military zone and is in custody.

Police said on Saturday that they had submitted their latest request to hand over Akpinar through the bi-communal committee on crime. They have yet to receive an answer.

Cyprus Mail

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