South still insists on joint statement prior to Cyprob talks

South Cyprus remains adamant that a joint statement, which will form the basis of the Cyprus negotiations must be agreed upon, saying that there is no point to holding a community leaders’ meeting if there is no substantial agreement on the contents of a joint statement which is intended to form the framework of the negotiations.North Cyprus News - Osman Ertug

Production of the joint statement was discussed at a meeting of the negotiators –  Andreas Mavroyiannis (above)  and Osman Ertug (inset), on Monday. Osman Ertug said that “we prefer a joint announcement. But, we have to agree on that. If we cannot agree, it will not obstruct talks.”

The negotiators also discussed their forthcoming visits to Athens and Ankara although they said that no dates have been set and that this was up to Greece and Turkey, however, they were keeping in touch.

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