South under pressure to start Cyprob talks: Omiru

President of the South Cyprus Parliament, Yannakis Omiru says that the economic crisis is being used as pressure to address the Cyprus negotiations.

He was speaking in a ceremony in Paphos to celebrate EOKA fighters.

Mr Omiru says that this pressure has intensified over the past few months and warns that “more pressure and blackmail is coming”. He complains that the press is being used to oppose their decisions  to not share natural gas deposits with Turkey or to use a pipeline through Turkey.

Mr Omiru stressed that the only way to “escape from the crimes and betrayal of 1974” was to move forward with the motherland of Greece.

Predictably enough, Mr Omiru then went on to criticise Alexander Downer, the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus. He said that Mr Downer favoured the TRNC and that he was always trying to boost the credibility of the “occupied territories”.

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