South does not want Cyprob talks to repeat the past

The South Cyprus government has said that it stands ready and determined to enter a new phase of peace talks for a political settlement with a new momentum, which will not repeat the past.

South Cyprus Government spokesman Christos Stylianides has responded to remarks made by TRNC Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami. The TRNC government wants the Cyprus settlement talks to begin from where they left off last time, leaving areas that had been agreed upon intact. This should give enough time for a new plan to be drawn up by January.

Stylianades said that Nami’s statements did not reflect reality. On the contrary, he pointed out, they created the impression that the South was making no effort towards preparations for the resumption of the talks.

The South’s government spokesman emphasised President Anastasiades firm belief that what matters the most is not the date that the talks will resume, but establishing an environment, through “brave gestures”, that will bring hope for new prospects in the talks.

He reiterated that the aim is for a solution which will be just and viable and will allow all the “legal” citizens of Cyprus to coexist peacefully in a modern, federated European state.

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