South will not be a launchpad for attacks on Syria: Kasoulides

South Cyprus Foreign Minister, Ioannis Kasoulides has said he has been assured that South Cyprus will not be used as a launch pad for attacks against Syria.

Kasoulides said that the “Cyprus government has repeatedly expressed great concern over the use of chemical weapons against civilians, especially against the children of the friendly people of Syria and the government’s reaction is even greater when this is happening in such close proximity to our country”.

He added that South Cyprus is ready, if necessary, to be used as a transit point for foreign nationals from the Middle East who wish to return to their countries.

Kasoulides said that the loss of 1,429 lives of which 426 were children in the last attack in Damascus constitutes a crime against humanity and is unreservedly condemned. He also said that such horrendous action cannot go unpunished.

“We cannot be a safe haven on the one hand and a launching pad on the other”, the foreign minister pointed out.

According to Kasoulides, South Cyprus can accept 10 thousand foreign nationals on a daily basis, on the condition that within 48 hours they will be travelling to their final destinations.

He clarified that “we are not talking about Syrian refugees”, noting that the “current economic situation in Cyprus is not conducive to receiving Syrian refugees”.

Concluding, Kasoulides said he hoped that there will not be any need for foreign countries to evacuate Syria.

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