South will not be pressed into unjust solution: Omirou

As the proposed month of October for negotiations on the Cyprus problem slowly approaches, South Cyprus’ House Speaker, Yiannakis Omirou has stressed that the economic crisis will not force the South into accepting an unjust solution concerning its national issue, the Cyprus issue.

“Our people shall not kneel because of the economic difficulties” Omirou said, adding that Cypriots will overcome the crisis and revive their economy, as they did in 1974, after the Turkish invasion (Peacekeeping Mission).

He said that Turkey remains intransigent and has escalated its provocative approach towards South Cyprus.

Turkey has questioned South Cyprus’ sovereign right to explore and exploit natural gas reserves located in its exclusive economic zone and has attempted to create tension in the Eastern Mediterranean, Omirou noted.

He called on the international community and the EU to urge Turkey to comply with international law and end its unlawful behaviour.

He said that “we must insist on securing the rights of all Cypriots and restoring the rights of the refugees and the enclaved and ensure the withdrawal of the Turkish troops and settlers”.


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