South Won’t Get Away With Selling Energy Resources

South Cyprus will not be allowed to get away with selling the energy resources surrounding the island, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said at a press conference with TRNC Prime Minister Tufan.

The natural riches surrounding the island of Cyprus is the common wealth of all the people who live on the islandThis and other provocative activities that create faits accomplis will be responded to in an appropriate fashion”, Yıldırım said.

The Turkish PM’s remarks were a response to the US energy giant ExxonMobil’s decision to send survey ships to Cyprus to look for hydrocarbons.

On Tuesday, Turkey’s President Erdogan, reacting to press reports that the US Sixth Fleet was heading to the Mediterranean, said, “while European states’ boats are abandoning refugees to their deaths, we try to rescue every innocent’s life. You can only make it there with your Sixth Fleet, aircraft carrier.”

Speaking from Ankara on Wednesday, Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim said that any undersea resources surrounding the island should only be extracted with the permission of both of the island’s administrations.

Any work in which one of these interlocutors is not part of the deal will be evaluated by us as a threat to the sovereign rights of North Cyprus.”

The international community should rethink its position on the island in order to create a sustainable solution, Yıldırım added,

Last week, TRNC Prime Minister Erhürman stated at a press conference that Turkish Cypriots must participate in all decision making and administrative processes regarding gas exploration projects in Cyprus.


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