South’s agreement on British bases unrecognised by Eroglu

President Dervis Eroglu has said that the Turkish Cypriots do not recognise the agreement signed between South Cyprus and the UK for the development of property within the British Sovereign Bases. He expressed the view that Britain, as one of the guarantor powers in Cyprus, should stop acting with bias and take into account the views of both sides.

During a meeting with the mayor of Beyarmudu/Pergamos, Ilker Edip and an accompanying delegation, Eroglu stated that normally all sides must be consulted before any agreement can be signed.

Eroglu stated that recently he had held a meeting with the British High Commission and had informed him that he could not accept any agreement about which Turkey had no prior knowledge.

The agreement, signed during President Anastasiades’ first official visit to London last week, will give over 83,000 residents or property owners increased flexibility to buy, sell or develop private property within the British Bases while giving Cypriot authorities the power to establish planning zones in the area and administer those zones for development purposes.

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