South’s airport fees too high: Ryanair

Representatives of Ryanair were in Paphos on Wednesday celebrating the budget airline’s 30th year of operation.

Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer, David O’Brien, during a news conference in Paphos said that prices were astronomically high at both of Cyprus airports, which was a deterrent to airlines, he said.

“Cyprus is a good example of what not to do. Excellently run airports which are operationally excellent, they look good, but they are too expensive. There are many markets which want developing ones such as Poland, but we will have to consider where we will allocate this capacity.”

Paphos is expected to see an increase in passenger numbers of around 20 – 25%. But O’Brien warned that although there was a published incentive scheme for the airports, it was restrictive and costs remained high. There would have to be a significant drop in airport fees, as the Chief Commercial Officer said it would be uneconomical to allocate capacity to a high price location.

“Pricing in Cyprus is going to have to change, there is no point in having 20% more passengers if it’s very expensive to us. Carrying 20% more is a serious consideration as we would have to put extra aircraft capacity to Paphos. We would do this, but at the right price.”

Ryanair will keep two aircraft based Paphos this summer and will offer 53 weekly flights.

“We are going to carry approximately 650,000 passengers this year, a 12% increase on last year for Cyprus. We will continue to put low fares in the market, in a time of turmoil in aviation in Cyprus, Ryanair is a constant,” he said.

Source Cyprus Mail

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