South’s Cola distributors irked by production in North

Lanitis Bros, the official distributors of Coca-Cola in Cyprus had said that have been unable to stop production of the fizzy drink in the TRNC because of the existing political situation.

The company has been a member of the Coca-Cola Hellenic groups since 2006 and owns the distribution rights of Coca-Cola issued a statement after it was reported in the press that Coca Cola was being bottled and distributed in the TRNC in September 2015. The drink was being produced in the North by a foreign supplier using existing production facilities without a license.

“The only licensed bottler and distributor for the whole of Cyprus is Lanitis Bros. However, the company is unable to exercise its distribution rights in the northern part of Cyprus due to the political situation,” read a statement by Lanitis Bros. They added that the beverage is not being exported from the TRNC.

Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’ reported in summer that Coca-Cola International have given the go-ahead for the investments to be made in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and production would begin in August.

According to the same press reports, the CEO of Coca-Cola Turkey, Muhtar Kent, stated that the company had already found a factory in Alsancak and was planning to commence production “since there are no objections from the Greek Cypriot side”. The investment cost approximately 10 million Turkish Lira (€2.9million), the paper writes.

Coca-Cola was, in the past, imported from Turkey and distributed in the TRNC by Kaner Group.


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