South’s Customs Seize Fuel Imported From TRNC

The Greek Cypriot customs department seized 150 litres of gasoline and 190 litres of petrol which were illegally imported in cannisters from the north in March, department spokesman Christos Christou said on Wednesday.

There were seven similar incidents at the crossing points of Ayios Dhometios [Metehan] and Astromeritis-Zodia during last month, and a total of €1,060 in fines were imposed, Christou said.

Fuel costs in the south are €1.39 to €1.43 per litre compared to €0.75 to €0.80 in the north.

Motorist may fill their vehicles in the north, as Green Line regulations do not limit the amount of petrol it takes to fill a vehicle, provided it is not for commercial gain. The regulations were created to make the life of people living on both sides easier, and in some cases, some may exempted from duties.

Unless there is a change in regulations, filling a car while going for a drive in the north would fall under this regulation, Christou explained.

Cyprus Mail

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