South’s draft law gives TC’s a vote in EU parliament elections

The South Cyprus government has sent a draft-law to its parliament which will enable Turkish Cypriots to vote in the forthcoming European Parliament (EP) elections. The Council of Ministers approved yesterday an amendment to the law that will secure the automatic registration in the voter lists for all citizens who have a Republic of Cyprus identity card.

South Cyprus Government spokesman, Christos Stylianides said yesterday that the amendment concerns the EP elections and that if approved by the House of Representatives,“the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who live in the occupied area of the island [TRNC] will automatically be registered in the voter lists”.

Noting that this decision was taken to facilitate the participation of the Turkish Cypriots in the EP elections of 25th May, he emphasised that the aim of the law is to give to all citizens of the “Republic of Cyprus” the opportunity to participate equally in the EP elections.


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