South’s electricity bill illogical: says Eroglu

TRNC President Dervish Eroglu says that the bill presented by the South for electricity used in the past is illogical. He likened it to a bankrupt merchant scrabbling through old records.

Eroglu pointed out that in those days, power stations had been built jointly for the benefit of all citizens.

He said that the communities ought to be looking to the future and that the 10th anniversary of the opening of the border should remind us that this action was taken to promote peace and understanding.

Mr Eroglu invited the Greek Cypriot leadership back to the negotiating table, saying that they were waiting for them there.

When questioned about the proposed sale of gold by the South, Eroglu replied that the 1960 agreement is clear that this national asset was owned by both communities. If the South now decided to ignore this joint ownership, they were ignoring history.

Finance Minister Ersin Tatar joined in the argument relating to the demand by South Cyprus that the North pay for electricity supplied in the past.

He pointed out that when the Republic of Cyprus was formed, the power stations belonged to all its citizens.

He also pointed out that the TRNC had supplied the South with water in the past.

Tatar said that he felt these issues could be discussed at the negotiating table, if and when the Greek Cypriots got there.

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