South’s Farmers Protest Import of TRNC Potatoes

Farmers in South Cyprus have called for a halt to the transport of potatoes from the north as tonnes of their own produce were being left unsold.

North Cyprus News - PotatoesA number of farmers’ associations wrote to Agriculture Minister, Nicos Kouyialis, protesting about the import of around 2,500 tonnes of potatoes from the north under the Green Line regulations by a number of merchants.

We believe that this action will harm the interests of potato producers and will be the final blow, after last year’s bad season with losses suffered by potato producers, with unpredictable consequences on the economy of the country,” the letter said.

The potato marketing board, they said, have 3,000 tonnes of the produce in stock that have not been sold. Traders could buy the potatoes they need from there instead of bringing them over from the north, they argued.

The farmers also said that within the next 10 days, the spring crop would be harvested “so they will come into the market along with the potatoes coming from the north with all the negative commercial consequences”.

Cyprus Mail

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