South’s government distorting the truth: Ertug

Presidential spokesman Osman Ertug released a press statement in response to a statement made by Greek Cypriot presidential spokesman Nicos Christodoulides.

In his statement, Ertug said the Greek Cypriot side continued to distort the truth and play the blame game in order to mislead the public; this game had been taken to a new level, he said.

Ertug said the South had left the table using a flimsy excuse and refused to return. They claimed however that they were making great effort to create a positive atmosphere. However, he said that this contradicted the realities.

Merely saying that Turkish Cypriots could claim their rights following a solution to the Cyprus problem, despite the fact the Greek Cypriots voted against the solution and had prevented a settlement for over fifty years was an insult to the Turkish Cypriots, Ertug said.

Source Kibris Postasi

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