South’s gov’t criticise FM Nami’s meeting with foreign ambassadors

The Greek Cypriot government and its Foreign Ministry has taken umbrage at the fact that Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Özdil Nami had a working lunch with foreign ambassadors from Belgium, Austria, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Hungary and Australia  at a working lunch in Cyprus, Greek Cypriot daily ‘Phileftheros’ reported.

The newspapers also commented that the Greek Cypriot government may try and take preventative measures to avoid this kind of contact with TRNC institutions in the future.

The South’s government and Foreign Ministry has suggested that foreign ambassadors should keep separate the meetings with Turkish Cypriot community from meetings with “pseudo institutions of the TRNC”.

The Greek Cypriot government believes that these meetings are in violation of the letters of confidence they presented to the government with regard to contacts with TRNC institutions, the paper says.

It was added that the Greek Cypriot Foreign Ministry will hold a meeting regarding this issue and will discuss possible precautions which will then be presented to President Anastasiades. ‘Phileleftheros’ anticipates a strong reaction by the Greek Cypriot government in the upcoming process.

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