South’s House Speaker accuses Turkey of piracy

Turkey’s hydrocarbon exploration in Cyprus’ EEZ should be reported to the Security Council, the UN and the EU, says the South’s Speaker of the House, Yiannakis Omirou.

He accused Turkey of committing an action of extreme provocation by sending its seismic exploration vessel, ‘Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha’ to search for hydrocarbons offshore Cyprus which, he said, were Cyprus’ territorial waters.

Omirou said Ankara was undermining efforts to find a solution to the Cyprus problem by using gunboats and enacting a modern form of piracy.

The House Speaker also referred to the ceasefire line in Cyprus, claiming that the Turkish military have pushed forward and are preventing property owners from utilising their land, in violation of the 1974 truce.

Omirou said representations would be made to the UN, and the Republic of Cyprus would demand that the land in question be returned to its owners.

He pointed out that this land was not in the buffer zone but lay in the domain of the Republic of (South) Cyprus, which had merely given the peacekeeping force the right to monitor the area and maintain the ceasefire line.

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