South’s letter to UN prompts reply from Turkey’s Foreign Ministry

Spokesman for Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Huseyin Mutfuoglu, issued a statement in response to a question regarding the letter sent to the UN Secretary-General by the Greek Cypriot administration’s New York representative, which reads as follows:

“The letter sent on 3 October by the representative of the Greek Cypriot administration in New York to the UN Secretary-General has been distributed as a UN Security Council document – number S/2017/831.

“Turkey’s position regarding the said administration, and the fact that we do not recognise it, is well known. Therefore the above-mentioned letter is devoid of value or meaning as far as Turkey is concerned. Within this framework, there is no question of even taking the baseless allegations in the letter into account.

“As for the views expressed in the letter concerning the island, the necessary reply will be given by the authorities of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, who are the true and only interlocutors of the Greek Cypriot administration”.

Turkish Foreign Ministry

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