South’s MPs vote to revive Enosis Day celebrations

A vote in the South Cyprus parliament on Friday was passed to introduce an annual commemoration in public schools of the January 1950 ‘Enosis’ (Union) referendum, in which 96 % of Greek Cypriots voted their preference for the island to be annexed with Greece.

In a plenary vote, just 19 votes from the smaller parties, excluding ruling party Disy, which abstained, and main opposition Akel, which opposed, were enough for the proposal, tabled by nationalist Elam deputy Linos Papayiannis, to be voted in.

Enosis, or union with Greece, is considered to be one of the main reasons for the breakdown of the independent bi-communal Republic of Cyprus established in 1960.

This is why Akel, along with Disy, the parties most flexible and supportive of ongoing talks to settle the Cyprus problem, lambasted the ruling party’s move to effectively allow the motion to pass.

Other than that, they want a solution…” Akel said on its official official Twitter account.

By abstaining, Disy allowed the 1950 enosis referendum to be celebrated in schools.”

Akel deputies Stefanos Stefanou and Eleni Mavrou also condemned Disy’s stance.

Disy is between enosis and a solution,” Stefanou tweeted shortly after the vote.

In the year 2017, our schools will celebrate the anniversary of the Enosis referendum from 1950!!!” Mavrou exclaimed, also on Twitter.

The proposal made it to the plenum through the Education committee, with three votes from Disy and one each from Diko, the Citizens’ Alliance, and Solidarity.

Cyprus Mail

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