South’s potato growers claim unfair competition by TRNC

Potato producers on the Greek Cypriot side have complained about unfair competition on the grounds that Turkish Cypriot potatoes were preferred in South Cyprus because they were cheaper.

According to a claim by Greek Cypriot daily Simerini, the decision by the TRNC authorities to tax the food aid given to the Greek Cypriots and the Maronites in the north, is bad news for producers in the south.

President of the ‘All Cyprus Potato Producer Association’, Andreas Karios, referring to the issue of potato trading through the Green Line Regulation, said in a statement that “the regulations cover merchants”.

He argued, however, that the merchants were using the cards of the Greek producers in an uncontrolled manner and were selling TRNC potatoes under the guise that they had been produced in the south.


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