Speaker of the Assembly Siber not optimistic about talks

Speaker of the Assembly, Sibel Siber has criticised President Nicos Anastasiades for the way he views the issue of political equality for the Turkish Cypriots. She said that “he cannot say to his own people that the Turkish Cypriots will also become rotating presidents”.

Siber told ‘Havadis’ that this is undermines the efforts made to find a solution to the Cyprus problem. The enosis vote by the South Cyprus parliament is the main reason for the breakdown of the negotiations, she said.

She added that she was not optimistic about reaching a solution in 2016 because of what she had read in the minutes of the negotiations.

Siber pointed out that with the 1950 Enosis plebiscite, the concerns of the Turkish Cypriots on the issue of security were justified.


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