Special Status Granted in New Residence Rules

North Cyprus News - Ayşegül-Baybars
Minister for the Interior – Ayşegül-Baybars

Special status has been given to Turkish citizens in regard to the resident permit and visa regulation which came into force on Wednesday.

A circular was issued which said that special status had been granted to Turkish citizens living in North Cyprus. This is despite the fact that no legal amendment has been made, according to the Ministry for the Interior.

Leader of the Revival Party (YDP) Erhan Arikli expressed satisfaction about the amendments made to the regulation with the added circular. Arikli underlined that it was necessary for these amendments to be made especially for the “Turkish students who study in the TRNC and for the issue of the labour permits”.

Some of the amendments to the regulation which provide special status toTurkish citizens are as follows:

  • Turkish citizens above 60 years old who live in the country would not be forced to submit a health report every year, but only once when they apply for obtaining residence permit.
  • If a married couple buy a residence, a residence permit would be provided automatically to both and not only to the owner of the residence,
  • Amendment of the article which envisaged that a person who works in the TRNC with a residence permit and receives the minimum wage, would be able to bring only three individuals of his family. This article has changed completely and envisages that a Turkish citizen who works in the TRNC may now bring the whole of his family into the country.

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