Sports embargoes will continue unless solution found

The embargo on sports cannot be lifted without a solution to the Cyprus problem, President Akinci at a press conference on Tuesday.

Pointing out that because of the embargoes neither Turkey nor any other team can play friendly games with the TRNC, Akinci added that the only way out is with the solution of the Cyprus problem or the recognition of the TRNC by the international community.

Saying that the stance held by the Greek Cypriot administration towards the sports embargoes has remained the same for the past 42 years, Akinci added that, “The reason for this derives from the fear of recognition of the TRNC”.

Referring to the mobile telephone-GSM issue, Akinci said that this problem has arisen because of certain legal obstacles. He added that with goodwill, laws could be changed, thus solving the problem.


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