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[Baby Turtles – Carreta Carreta]
Tuesday, 15 August 2023

This year 80 turtles laid eggs along a 100 metre stretch of beach at Mersinlik public beach, Kibris Postasi reports.

Sadly, because of building and the presence of caravans, many baby turtles are unable to reach the sea and die on the beach.

In order to highlight existing problems for the turtles and the importance of the Mersinlik coast, the Society for the Protection of Turtles, (SPOT) organised an event where turtles that had difficulty leaving their nests were collected and released into the sea.

Board member of SPOT Damla Beton stated that the most important aspect of the event was to highlight the presence of turtles at Mersinlik public beach in the Tatlısu Special Environmental Protection Zone.

Mersinlik Beach is the most dense turtle nesting place on the coastline from Alagadi to Balalan, Beton said, “This beach is the third beach with the most nests in the Mediterranean in a small area“. Beton pointed out that 80 nests were built in an area of 100 metres. 

For this reason, we should protect this beach“, she said. 

Pointing out that there is a great deal of construction in the Tatlısu region and that there is a problem with presence of caravans, Beton emphasised that 50 caravans were removed from this beach this year with the cooperation of the Environmental Protection Department and the police.

She added that the turtles lay around 100 eggs, the strongest ones leave the nest and reach the sea, but some of them cannot make this short journey, so as volunteers of the association, they collect the hatchlings that have difficulty in leaving the nest and help them reach the sea.

Beton stated that turtles normally hatch on the 45th day, and if no turtle emerges from the nest on the 50th day, the Association opens the nest and tries to help the hatchlings.

Pointing out the importance of the beaches in Northern Cyprus for turtles, Beton emphasised that turtles prefer sandy beaches and lay their eggs in 60 cm deep holes in the sand.

Kibris Postasi

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