St Andrew’s Church raises funds for Tulips

St Andrew’s Church organised The Ascension Day Concert on Thursday 25th May, proceeds from this event were very kindly donated to Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association.

A fabulous 1,087Tl and GBP 60 was raised!

Tulips would like to thank the Reverend Wendy Hough, Director of Music Earl Moffitt and Tulips - NykkÖ-Mickaël GrégoireNykkÖ-Mickaël Grégoire, Organist and Recitalist who flew to North Cyprus especially for this event.

Tulips also thanks the St Andrew’s Church Choir for all their hard work and to those who attended and supported this event and to Lynda Hillard who volunteered to stand in for Tulips for the night and gave a very enlightening thank you talk on the Association’s behalf.


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