State Hospitals unfairly choosing single medical supplier

Recently the Commercial Director of Aktip Trading, Harun Azizoglu claimed that he has evidence that state hospital are routing prescriptions to a preferred (as yet unnamed) supplier.

Yesterday, four other major medical suppliers backed his claims. In separate written statements, they say that they have evidence that doctors at state hospitals are actually naming, on prescriptions, the company whose medicines should be used. This, they contend, is illegal as neither a preferred pharmacy or medical supply company should be on the prescription, just the name of the medicine.

The various medical companies say that this is unfair and does not allow for an open market in medicine supply, Therefore, the public pay for this in higher prices. According to a number of medicinal outlets, this practice has been commonplace for a number of years.

Nevzat Gokce, the Director of Nevzat Gokce Medical Ltd., said that state hospitals are flooded with brochures, calendars and coffee mugs by the preferred supplier. He said that some professionals even have their overseas hotels and travel paid when attending training courses, adding that these practices mean that the Health Ministry does not always follow the rules in getting three competitive bids for medical supply tenders and that his firm is often unfairly excluded from the bidding process.

All the complaining suppliers agree that while private hospitals can and do direct prescriptions to linked medical suppliers, this practice is unacceptable in state hospitals.

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