State hospitals in deplorable condition: says union leader

Lack of staff in state hospitals is causing major problems and patients are suffering, said the leader of the Health Workers’ Union, Erol Sehiroglu in a press statement issued earlier today. The government has been advised and warned about the growing problems but refuses to take any action, he continued.

Mr Sehiroglu says that some operating rooms at the Kyrenia Akcicek (state) hospital could not be used because of staff shortages. Also the two new operating theatres at the Nicosia state hospital have not yet been used due to shortages.

Mr Sehiroglu points out that night duty at the capital’s hospital is carried out by only one doctor. That means that outpatients and others are not given the attention that they need.

The government’s response has been to hire temporary staff to fill the gaps. Mr Sehiroglu says that this is against the law and is only being done because temporary staff cost less than permanent staff.

In addition, Mr Sehiroglu claims that as equipment goes faulty, it is not repaired and left to stand idle. Instead, patients are transferred to private hospitals and have to pay more money for their treatment.

He concludes by saying that if the government do not address the issue of staff shortages, he will be going to the press to expose the full extent of the problem.

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