State of Ravelin tower in Famagusta an embarrassment

The Ravelin/Land Gate tower considered to be one of the most important historic towers in Cyprus located in the “within the walls” of Famagusta, is in very poor condition and lacks maintenance.

According to Kibris Gazetesi, the rundown condition of the tower and the lack of sensitivity shown by the relevant authorities, has damaged the country’s image in the eyes of the tourists.

On its website, the Famagusta Walled City society writes:

The Venetian walls and fortifications that surround the historic town stand today as a superlative example of Renaissance military architecture. They were built between 1495-1564, incorporating the existing medieval Lusignan walls and towers, which were dramatically reduced in height, remodelled and strengthened. The great bastion of the Land Gate – also known as Limassol Gate – was one of two original entrances to the walled city (the other, the Sea Gate to the northeast, offers access from the port). It is protected by the impressive ravelin, inside which is a labyrinth of ramps, steps and rooms. The Land Gate was renamed Akkule or the ‘White Bastion’ by the Ottomans, as it was from here that the Venetians waved the white flag of surrender at the end of the siege of 1570-71.

Kibris Gazetesi,

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