Stealth price hike on electricity

KIB-TEK has started sending out bills for January. On each one there is now an additional street lighting fee of TL 13.

The electricity board is struggling financially and has sneaked in a price hike of between TL13 to TL15.20 for each of its 140,000 meters. This is in addition to the charges made for communal lighting meters.

So residents living in an apartment will see TL13 added to their electricity bills but will see the same amount added to communal meters such as hall and steps lighting.

Because the new charges are linked to meter ownership, many residents will be paying for street lighting time and time again, especially those that have businesses as the new charges apply to all meters.

Oktay Kayalp, Mayor of Famagusta, says that citizens are legally bound to pay both street lighting charges from KIB-TEK and the local council. He points out that this is a major price increase by the government sneaked in by the back door.

Late last year, the EL-SEN union leader, Caglayan Cesurer had said that Kib-Tek hoped to bring down the price of electricity to all customers once the huge debts were recovered.

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