Step out for Tulips

Sue and Carole have launched an appeal for volunteers to help raise money for Tulips/Help those with Cancer Association:

Having had a couple of quieter years for Tulips, we have decided that we would this year like to make a Pink splash and raise awareness and hopefully a lot of money for Cancer during October, which is recognised worldwide as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’.

We had a hugely successful ‘Stepping Out for Tulips’ event last September so we thought it would be ideal if we used the same initiative but held it during Pink October. We need people to join us by challenging themselves to walk 10,000 steps daily throughout the month, this is a great way to increase your physical daily activity without much effort … of which most of us know we need to do!

We have already got the pedometers and will provide the sponsor forms and any help or information that you may need. So all you budding steppers contact us to let us know that you will be taking part and we will put you on the list and you can busily go about getting all those wonderful sponsors especially as many guests are visiting at this time of year…..just think you could be burning off calories and raising money for Tulips at the same time!

The second main initiative for Pink October is having Pink Day on Friday 20 October and we are again this year going to be selling Pink T-Shirts (mainly thanks to Can Gazi!) so that we can all go Pink for Cancer.

We will be letting you know when and where we will be selling the T-Shirts and how much they will be very shortly.

We would like to encourage other people, businesses and schools to organise events during Pink October to ensure that the whole month becomes Pink.

So come on everyone join us in October to raise much needed awareness for Breast Cancer and also to raise some much needed funds to help all Cancer patients in the TRNC.

For further information on Pink Month, we can be contacted by email: [email protected] or via our Facebook page: Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association

Many thanks

Carole and Sue

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