Stiff sentences for drug dealers

Two brothers were sentenced to seven years yesterday each for possession of one and a half kilos of drugs.

The head of Famagusta Crown Court, Omer Guran said that the courts were besieged with drug cases.

The brothers, Mohammad and Majid Gholizadeh were sentenced to 7 years in a TRNC jail yesterday. During his summing up judge Omer Guran said that these sentences were to send a message that the law should no longer be taken lightly. He did not want to see criminals coming in to commit crimes in this small country. Citizens were tired of crime headlines in the newspapers, he added.

The arrests were made on the 19th April 2012 and Mohammed had pleaded guilty to the charges. However his brother Majid had pleaded innocent so that the trial had taken longer to conclude.

The lawyer for the brothers pleaded mitigating circumstances to reduce the jail term. However the judge said that these crimes were against the health and safety of the community and the sentences would reflect that.

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