Stocks of Flu Vaccine Low as Public Demand Increases

North Cyprus News - PharmacyAs Autumn approaches the public are demanding flu vaccines and are also purchasing quantities of vitamin supplements.

When North Cyprus went into lock-down for months, stocks of vaccines and vitamin supplements dwindled because of a lack of flights into the country, the President of the Cyprus Turkish Pharmacists Association, Umut Öksüz said,

Pharmacists say that they have plenty of supplements and there is also a greater demand for masks, gloves and disinfectant as Covid-19 cases rise, but Turkey is short of flu vaccine, therefore, so is North Cyprus.

Stocks of flu vaccines have dwindled and their expiration date is 31 August, he said. Last year, flu vaccines arrived too late, said Öksüz.

 “The flu vaccine is still not available in the market, nobody knows when it will arrive. We informed the Ministry, we asked for a meeting five days ago, but there has been no response yet. The urgency and importance of the situation is obvious. There are those in the risk groups, babies and the elderly. If these people are not vaccinated, this year’s winter will be much more dangerous to human health than last year,” he warned.


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