Stop the tactical manoeuvres: Akinci

President Mustafa Akinci has called on President Anastasiades to abandon his “tactical manoeuvres”.

Addressing a ceremony at Geçitkale village, Akinci said:

With these tactical manoeuvres the strategic target might be lost. The strategic target is peace, and a solution. The Greek Cypriot leader is saying to us come and let us settle the territory, let us settle the security and the guarantees in the manner I want, appease me and then the rotating presidency and this and that will also happen. There can be no such negotiating mentality.

President Akinci noted that for the first time in 50 years of talks, the Turkish Cypriot side had accepted a percentage on territory and put a map on the table, adding that this map is locked in the UN’s safe now. The difference between the two sides is 1% on this map and he argued that “this map can come out for the finishing touches at the very last stage”.

The President said that he does not mean that territory, security and guarantees should not be discussed, but what he saying is that these issues should be discussed as a whole in a parallel process during which the “whole picture” will be seen, because “this is the point we have reached”.

Akinci also reiterated the accusation that President Anastasiades had begun manipulating the situation by saying that he had submitted creative proposals which would lead the negotiations towards a solution but the Turkish Cypriot side and Akinci had rejected them.

Halkin Sesi

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