Stopping Foreigners Crossing Border Hinders Trade

North Cyprus News - Turgay Deniz - KTTO
Turgay Deniz – President of KTTO

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (KTTO) in a written letter informed the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Cyprus, Elizabeth Spehar, about the problems created by the Greek Cypriot administration at the borders.

The president of the chamber, Turgay Deniz, stated that in their letter they had informed the United Nations about the problems caused in recent days at the border checkpoints due to the practices applied by the Greek Cypriot side. Deniz said that the attitude of the Greek Cypriot side is not in line with humanitarian principles and the law.

He reminded that in a joint statement with the KTTO, published on June 9, they had called on the two Cypriot community leaders to agree without delay on the opening of the borders, stressing the importance of opening the border checkpoints for the cooperation of the two communities and the development of their social relations. He also referred to the efforts made to continue Green Line trading during the time when the borders were closed.

In the letter, Deniz notes that the Greek Cypriot administration does not permit foreigners who want to cross from the South to the North, including EU citizens, calling this practice “incomprehensible“.

Noting that they had asked the Greek Cypriot side to reconsider this “unfortunate decision“, Deniz added that the Ledra Street border checkpoint was used by the greatest number of people and was the only checkpoint to remain closed. Opening the borders is necessary for the economic relations between the two communities and this should be taken seriously by the Greek Cypriot administration, he said.


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